Where Do Digital Artists Get Their Images?


Digital artists are wizards at creating stunning images with the help of modern technology. They use various digital tools to bring their art pieces to life, but where do they get the images to begin with? Do they create every asset from scratch? Well, the answer is simple - no, they don't.

Digital artists have access to a world of endless possibilities, thanks to the Internet. They can get their images and assets from multiple sources, ranging from photography websites to online art shops. In fact, the internet is like an infinite one-stop-shop for digital artists worldwide. Here are four sources from which digital artists can draw inspiration from Elementologie.


Their Perspectives & Skills

Digital artists may rely on their own photography skills and take their own photos to use in their artwork. This allows them to tailor their images to their specific needs and gives them full creative control over their work. With the advancement of smartphone technology, anyone can snap a striking photo with ease, making it an excellent resource for artists looking to add a personal touch to their pieces.


Stock Image Libraries — Who Knew!!

Another popular source for digital artists is stock image libraries. These platforms offer a vast collection of images, vectors, and graphics that artists can purchase to use in their designs. This accessibility saves time, effort, and often money by removing the need to hire a professional photographer or illustrator.


Fellow Creatives & Forums

Digital artists can also find inspiration from online communities and artist forums. Many fellow creatives share their work with others, offering free downloads or selling digital assets. This not only provides access to fresh materials but also inspires artists to create and share their own unique work within the community.


Media & Its Influence

Lastly, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are a digital artist's treasure trove of inspiring images. Artists can use these platforms to meet and network with other like-minded creatives, share their work, and find inspiration. With almost endless sources for images and assets, digital artists have an abundance of creative ways to source the perfect visual content for their artwork.

Digital artists have access to an endless digital vault of images, thanks to the Internet's boundless resources. From their personal photography, stock image libraries, online communities, and forums, to social media platforms, there's no shortage of creative possibilities for digital artists. With these resources, they can create an infinite amount of visually striking artwork. Shop Elementologie art prints.

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