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Men’s Premium Heavyweight Tee-Respect

casual, relaxed, and stylish all at the same time

Achieving a sense of casual, relaxed, and stylish all at the same time may seem like a daunting task, but it is definitely achievable with the right pieces. When putting together an outfit, start with basics that are comfortable and you feel good in. From there, add on some trendier items to give your look some personality. The key to nailing this type of style is confidence - own whatever you're wearing and don't be afraid to experiment!


Elementologie® was founded on the values of self-expression and individuality.

As a brand that cares about their community, their designs are meant to inspire and connect with others.

Their styles are unique and original, which is why their hoodies are so popular.


Journaling has always been something I have always done, even as a child. From sketching things I found in nature, pressing leaves and jotting down my thoughts throughout the day.

I have created a collection of journals featuring some of my artwork

Spiral Bound Journal-Artwork by Edward Martin

This Journal features 4 of my original abstract collages

Made in the USA, the journal comes in 5x7 size with 75 pages of lined paper.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started in 2020, I have spending a lot more time in my studio creating new projects.

I've been creating more colorful abstract collages in the past two years have been very happy with what I have been creating.

I have always used nature as part of the basis of all of my works and in this series I have incorporated the use of architecture, including modern and ancient architecture along with patterns and images of nature, botanicals, birds ,forest, and foliage into these new works.

Abstract Collage No. 47 by Edward Martin

Although not quite noticeable immediately upon looking at each piece, the layers upon layers of images of architecture and nature are utilized to create the final effect for each image.


I have been working on new concepts of my designs and integrating them onto fashion and home decor items.

My latest addition is called The Art of Collage by ELEMENTOLOGIE®

One of my latest creations is called Forest Dancer

A collage I created from approximately 10 different images

The ballerina in white, dancing in a mystical forest amid a forgotten structure overgrown with trees and nature. The Peacock feather, a tribute to the beauty and grace of dance and nature.


These beautiful vintage butterfly prints are perfect for decorating your walls, or using in decoupage, collage, junk journals or mixed media art projects.

More images coming weekly and Special Offers for you when you download this collection

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